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The Kilhraun Horsebreeding Farm and Horses North now offer those who are interested in Iceland and the Icelandic horse a one week stay in Iceland at the famed Kilhraun breeding and training farm, where the thousand year tradition of the pure bred Viking horse continues.
Learning about the breeding, grooming and care of this sure-fotted and unique surrounding counntryside makes this an in-depth experience of unusual quality.
During this week's stay at Kilhraun people will have the unique opportunity to get to know the Iceland horse in tis original environment.
The farm at Kilhraun is one of the largest breeding farms for Iceland horses in the world, combining old traditions with modern science. During last year many horses from Kilhraun have been among the best in Iceland, stallions, mares and show horses.
Every year Kilhraun is exporting a lot of horses to many countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.
Our guests get the chance to follow the staff and owners of Kilhraun during their work week. They will watch, and can at times work along at, some of the farm's task.
Because there will never be more than two families at the farm during these visits every paripcipant will get a lot of attention.
Our guests will be accomodated on the farm itself or in small, warm and cozy cottages close by.
Since this program is available year-round there is some choice of what one can experience with the horses.
In the summer the horses are grazing in the fields, in the meadows with stallions in the summer.
In the autumn visitor can watch the horses being brought home in the round-up.
A great number of horses are being trained in the winter and of course we're feeding them then, too.
There are few things more exciting than foals being born in the spring; and the process of selecting the new sire for the mare is a pivotal decision  for a breeder tand this is the time when thas aspect is dealt with.
Riding lessons and riding tours during five days of the visit and two days for sightseeing in the region, will give some fun and a chance to see some of the striking beauty  we're surrounded by. The area abounds in volcanic mountains, large sweeping and gushing rivers, glaciers and waterfalls; summertime brings an abundance of birdlife to the valley.
This will be a very pleasant way to learn the Icelandic horse's characteristics, breeding and care. How these horses are raised, trained and readied for shows and competitions will be explained. We'll give lessons on feeding, grooming, shoeing and medicating.. Informal lectures and discussions on breeding will focus on how we breed to new generation better in some way than the one before.
If you want, or need, to really learn about the Icelandic horse please contact Horses North or Kilhraun Farm and let us help you plan an unforgettable week for you in Iceland

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