Ljóskur - Word fyrir ljóskur - Blonds are so smart :)

Hér er hægt að ræða og skiptast skemmtilegum og óvenjulegum sögum, uppákomum, bröndurum og fl. í þeim dúr • Here we can discuss all kind of funny and stranges things ...

Ljóskur - Word fyrir ljóskur - Blonds are so smart :)

Postby rabbi » Sat Mar 31, 2007 13:23

Nokkrir góðir :)

Word fyrir ljóskur



A blond plops down in 1st class on an airplane.

Stew tells her she must take her assigned seat in coach.

Blond say's "I'm blond and I'm beautiful and I'm going to LA".

Other attendants try to get her into her assigned seat.

Blond say's "I'm blond and I'm beautiful and I'm going to LA".

Finally the flight engineer whispers in her ear and she jumps up and runs to her assigned seat.

"what did you say?"

"I told her this part of the plane is going to NY"


One blonde says to the other, "which is farther away, Florida or the moon?"

"Hello!" says the other blode. "Can you see Florida?"


Have you ever met a smart blond?

Well Yes, I owned a golden retriever. :?


A blond couldn't get a good price on some alligator shoes. After trying to haggle she told the store manager "fine I'll just go kill my own alligator and get the shoes for free". He said " good luck".

Later that day while he was driving home down the levee road, he witnessed the blond, at the bayou, and stopped to watch. Waist deep in water with a huge alligator rushing towards her. She raised her shotgun and killed it dead, then hollered "Bamby, help me with this". The two blonds dragged the alligator over with the 7 others and rolled it over.

Dang it This ones bare foot too!!!


There was a blond, red head, and brunette in the doctors office. The red head said "I'm going to have a boy because I was on top."

The brunette said "I'm going to have a girl because my husband was on top."

The blond then began to cry and the red head and brunette asked "what's wrong."

The blond said "I'm going to have a puppy."


What is the blonde skeleton behind the couch?

Winner of last years hide and seek contest!....


A blond police officer was pulling a speeding car and it happened the driver was a blond lady. The police office asked her for the driver license. She looked in her purse and everywhere in the car and could not find it. She got mad and asked the police officer, "what does it look like? The police officer responded, "it is square and has a picture." She looked in her purse and pulled out a mirror and looked at it and then gave it to the police officer. The police officer looked at the mirror, gave the mirror back the blond driver and said, "Ok, you can go now. Sorry, I didn’t know you are also a police officer."


Rabbi :D
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